• I was curious, but I didn't know if everyone else knew, so I didn't want to risk spoiling it:

    "Well..." Yun couldn't help smiling in understanding for a moment, at such a pure display of emotion that he'd never thought possible from a Dai Li agent. "I also love someone, Yuhan. Ty Lee." He inhaled slowly as he sensed the emerald eyes examining him closely once more. "You have to understand... The Dai Li changed her. They took her and...made her suffer..." His fists involuntarily clenched again, causing his bun to shed several crumbs onto the floor. "I just - I can't forget that. What they did was just...terrible." what point in the SHiE timeline was Yuhan taken into the original Vortex? Has that infamous event happened yet?

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    • Oooh, good question! 

      And actually, no. Riya's still herself, which is why Yuhan can even still defend the Dai Li at this point. He was kind of sucked up by the vortex while their relationship was doing quite well and all - and on that note, did you notice how I found a way to write out the scene of SHiE's main image? :P 

      Also, it's a little tragic that Yuhan admits to Yun that he loves her, when in SHiE he won't be able to say it to her until the infamous chapter. Oh, the shame! ;_; 

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    • By the way, I did some Vortex promo-additions on SHiE's main page. After looking at it again, thought I'd ask if you wanted to try it too. As we both have fanons with a good amount of subscribers (and if I may say so myself, users consistently asking when the next chapter is :P), I just thought this could help move Vortex along a little. 

      Whaddya think? 

      Edit: On another note, what on earth happened to the original comments on Vortex's main page? All I know is that they went poof as soon as Suzon put in the template... Would you know how to restore them by any chance? I can't help feeling like it's undeservingly barren atm xD 

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    • Yeah, I'll add some promos to the DSV page (it may have been more appropriate on the ES page, but it's more significant on an ongoing fanon page. Or maybe I should add it to both somehow.)

      I'm pretty sure the comments disappeared when Suzon created the tab format and he moved the main page to userspace. I tried moving it back to the fanonspace, but that didn't bring any of the older comments back :/

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